Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can I attend MVLC if I like it?  

You can stay through your senior year and graduate with a Merrimack Valley Learning Center High School Diploma.  Our goal however, is to get students comfortable enough in our smaller setting that they slowly transition to the high school.  It is not required, but it is the goal, if possible.

2. What are my diploma options?

There are currently two options available to you.  Merrimack Valley High School 26 Credit Diploma or Merrimack Valley Learning Center 20 Credit Diploma. Speak with our program counselor to determine the best path for you!

3. Where do I get my lunch?

We order both breakfast and lunch each morning through MVHS. It is either delivered or picked up by staff and served here at the Learning Center. Breakfast is served around 9:15 and lunch is served around 12:10.

4. Can I attend events at the High School?

You sure can, you are still a member of MVMS or MVHS.  Behavior protocol and expectations would be the same, as are restrictions and probations.

5. Does my picture go in the yearbook?

Your picture does go in the yearbook provided you get your picture taken with the school ( If you’re a senior there are different options available to you as well).

6. Can I still graduate with my class?

Yes you can graduate with your class and we encourage you to do so. ( If this is something you and your parents choose not to do it will be discussed prior to the big day).

7. What is SFT? And what is the point of it every day?

SFT means Student Focus Time. Student Focus time is designed to help you set small goals so that you can eventually achieve bigger goals.  It is aimed at helping you see the whole picture in smaller increments.  It’s a time set aside each day for you to review your daily point sheets, new assignments, develop new assignments if you’ve reached your goal(s) and to meet with a staff member you feel connected to!  It’s just a great way to touch base every day and to problem solve before getting overwhelmed with minor problems.

8. Do I have to carry a point sheet?

It’s important to your success that you carry a point sheet for several reasons.  Once you reach gold level, you no longer have to carry one, so it is worth the effort!  Point sheets come with percs!!! Points are used for several things, an extra field trip, as cash value in the school store for purchasing items and of course, they are used to help you get to the next level of success in the program.

9. What’s different between the High School and the Learning Center?

We are a much smaller school with small classes.  There is always someone nearby to help when you need it.  

10 What do I do if something is really bugging me?

There are several options available throughout the day.  A teacher, the counselor, the administrator and even the nurse will make time to sit and listen and assist you in coming up with a plan.

11. What if another student is bothering me?

First, you should tell ( do not yell) the person to stop, next, let the teacher know.  If it continues PLEASE let an adult know that you need assistance with a situation.  Bullying and Harassment are unacceptable behaviors and are not tolerated.

12. Can I still take a computer class?

The short answer is yes.  The long answer is, you will need to be working on your daily goals, we’ll need to have a team meeting to ensure that you would be successful taking a class ( or 2) at the High School, whether it’s a computer class, art class or any class they are offering that we might not have available here at the Learning Center.

13. What is the rule about cell phones?

You may carry your cell phone with you and use it between classes, at breakfast and at lunch.  We do not allow cell phone use during class time unless you have specific permission for that one occasion to do so by the teacher of that class.  We also ask that if you need to call your parent or guardian that you use the phone in the office and we ask that your parent/guardian contact the office if they need you as well. (this is explained in more detail in the student handbook)

14. What’s the big deal if I miss a few days of school?

The Learning Center follows the same rule as the MVMS and MVHS when it comes to attendance.  Letters of warning and even lower grades will occur if you are not in school when you should be.  All absences are unexcused without documentation, so it’s important that you are here to get your education and earn that diploma you’re working so hard for. If you are taking a Quarter Class - your 7th absence would be considered an Attendance Fail.  If it’s a Semester Class - your 13 Absence would be considered an Attendance Fail.  If it’s a

Year Long Class - your 25th absence would be considered an Attendance Fail.