Merrimack Valley Learning Center

26 Washington Street • Penacook, NH 03303 • Phone Number (603)-753-0199

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We offer:

  • MVSD 20 credit/diploma

  • HiSET prep

  • Access to jobs coordinator for job experience

  • Staff trained in Trauma Sensitivity

  • Small group challenges/team building activities

  • Daily student relationship building

  • Personal goal setting

  • Monthly/bimonthly community service opportunities

  • Daily staff review of student progress

  • Counselor is a certified trauma specialist, RENEW facilitator and trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy

The Merrimack Valley Learning Center is the home of a variety of unique programs.

We offer both special education programming and alternative education programming. These programs are approved by the State of New Hampshire, Department of Education. They are designed for students who struggle with both academic and emotional challenges. Here at MVLC we address student needs through Individual Education Plans (IEP). Class sizes are small and there is additional staff support for academic and behavioral needs. The school day is structured with frequent short breaks and positive reinforcement is woven throughout the daily program.

The goal for students in these programs is to stabilize behaviors, build/develop strategies for students to be successful, in hopes that they will eventually integrate back into the larger MV middle or high school.

The alternative education program is for students who are not identified under special education, but require a smaller learning environment with additional staff support.

Staff at Merrimack Valley Learning Center

Adminstrator: Ken Fuller

Contact Info:

Melissa Jones: English/Special Education Teacher

Email Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Jones Website

Jason Corrow: Social Studies/History Teacher

Email Mr. Corrow

US History Class Link

Middle School History Class Link

AM Systems Class Link

Pam Casey: Special Education Teacher

Email Ms. Casey

Cheri Sarmiento: Math Teacher

Email Mrs. Sarmiento

Jennifer Woodward: Paraprofessional

Diane Berman: Paraprofessional

Deb Anderson: Paraprofessional

Brendan Bodell: Paraprofessional

Daryl Wells: Program Counselor

Email Ms. Wells

Linda Kezar: ISS Coordinator

Email Ms. Kezar

Gayle Sweeney: Administrative Assistant

Email Ms. Sweeney

Kellie Haywood-Minery: School Nurse

Email: Nurse Kellie

"I like how there’s more freedom than when I was at the high school.” - Jacob

“The best thing about MVLC is that I can get stuff done at my own pace.” - Billy

Important Announcements:

"For once in my life, I actually enjoy school and feel like I belong at this school. They help and listen when you need someone. They truly want you to succeed at life." -Emmi

"I enjoy MVLC because it is like a second home to me. The staff are very understanding and loving. MVLC offers a learning opportunity that I never felt I had before." -Olivia